When you're talking about the aim of most television and radio stations it is to attract the most viewers who will in turn watch the advertising slots that are sold in thirty second blocks. Commercials for everything from toys to variable mortgage Canada plans are the reason that these media outlets exist. This is not the case when it comes to public broadcasting. Instead of making their money off of commercial they instead get their funding from individual donations, sponsorships, and government funding.

This website is all about the great things you will find on public access programming. Instead of today's latest sports game or sitcom you will usually instead find more educational and cultural shows. When you're listening to public radio you might find a section on buying real estate hosted by a top Markham real estate agent. Or you could view a special on public television of one of the country's top classical music ensembles. Because standard media is dictated by ratings and their advertisers there might not be many venues for this type of programming.

Sometimes you're looking for a little bit more than your regular stations can offer you. For a long car ride to a cosmetic dentistry Mississauga conference you might not want to hear the same forty songs played on repeat. Stations like CBC can offer you radio documentaries, talk-back shows with some of the country's greatest minds, and a variety of Canadian and classical music. If you're in an area of the country that has access to American station you could also check out what's happening on NPR. National Public Radio is full of interesting listening options.

When some of us think of public television we imagine old movies and specials with painters or bird watchers. But the truth is there is something for everyone on this station. If you're working at a sheet metal shear factory you might not want to spend your hard-earned money donating to the channel but could still watch programs focusing on outdoor life, building, or many popular hobbies. And this station might be your only chance to see some of those movies from decades ago.

The first public broadcasting network was the British Broadcasting Corporation, which started in the 1920s and was very well respected throughout the country. Now there are several national stations that mix government funding with commercial media. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation offers this kind of programming. While you might see an ad offering Toronto condominiums for sale or advertising Furnace Repair Mississauga, while you're watching the hockey game they are also receiving funds from several cultural grants. In exchange they need to offer a certain amount of Canadian programming.

Public broadcasting is also know for being very charity friendly, companies like Vance Auctions have been know to run live auctions on telethoncs for charity.
Public broadcasting is something that is alive and well throughout the world. It is used differently from Asia to America and this website is here to tell you all about it.

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