We live in a world full of advertisements. Wherever you are, be it in the office of your real estate agent or at the dentist or at home, whatever you're doing, be it putting together a work report or riding the subway or sitting in a coffee shop, or whoever you're with, be it your girlfriend or co-worker, chances are you're in the vicinity of some sort of advertisement.

Advertisements can be about anything. Sports teams, radio shows, coffee and donut shops, car dealerships, computers, and air conditioning companies; however, if you look closely at some of the billboards you drive by or bus stop ads you see, you'll find that a lot of advertisements today involve money. Advertisements about money are everywhere, and according to Forbes magazine, it's only going to get worse. Have you ever stopped and taken some time out of your day just to ponder how many ads are about money?

They can be billboard ads for a mortgage loan firm, bus ads for a bank, newspaper ads for a income tax firm, radio jingles about investing your money, etc. All these ads are about making money, saving money, and investing your money. Money, money, money! The world revolves around money so it's only natural that we are bombarded by ads about money. It's just that sometimes it can get a little ridiculous. All these ads are also pretty hard to ignore. You might not be aware of them directly but indirectly they have some sort of an affect on you.

The next time you are walking to work or driving in your car and listening to the radio, pay attention to the ads that play in between songs and air time talk. You'll be amazed at how many advertisements about money you will hear. During the course of day you might find yourself hearing hours and hours of advertisements devoted to money talk. Some ads might be short and last only 15 seconds but others might run up to a minute. All that ad time adds up over the course of a day.

You could find yourself listening to ads about mortgage interest rates, how to make money by investing in commodity ETFs or how to save money by opening up a tax free savings account. Those are a just a few examples of the types of ads you might hear devoted strictly to the topic of money.

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