No matter if you're living in South America or China there are some issues that affect us all. Most of the world deals with some kind of currency and uses it to run everything around them and everyone deals with some sort of politics. If you're interested in what's going on all over the globe and right next door then these are likely two of the topics that you read about the most often. You could hear a story about new legislation in Canada or might tune in for some financial forecasts to see if things are looking up in Australia for the coming year.

When you hear a political story on public broadcasting you may be a little skeptical if it is entirely accurate or if it is skewed to the side that is currently in government office. After all, it would make sense that the broadcasting system that is paid for by the national government would want to show themselves in the best light possible to their citizens. If you're listening to CBC what sort of practices are in place to keep things honest?

Some believe that news censorship is just an issue that affects countries in other parts of the world with more strict government bodies. But the truth is that there are all sorts of reasons that even a free country might want to keep stories away from their citizens or put them under a different light. Whether you're listening in the car on your way to work or are at home watching a documentary you want to make sure you consider the source before believing every word that you hear. What you hear on the nightly news might be a little more reliable than a segment from a columnist who is known for having strong opinions. Just be aware that even living in a free society there are still two sides to every story.

There is usually a financial segment to every national newscast and sometimes this is full of expert opinions of what's to come. We want to hear about how the current bank rate is going to affect buying a house or if we should rethink a stock in a company that experienced a bad second quarter. But there is no way of fully predicting the future and there are so many different factors that affect world finance. An economy that is strong one season might see drastic changes in only a few months time. This is what keeps us all interested in the news stories and what makes investing and entrepreneurship so tricky. What affects one small place can even make a difference to the whole world.

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