Television was created as a new means of selling advertising. All of the entertainment was just added to keep people tuning in. This is where networks make their money and is now one of the largest media for advertising everything from soup to nuts, from coffee to cars. But is television advertising right for your business? It can be quite expensive and it's difficult to calculate the returns on different advertising methods. Here are some tips on finding out if television can help your business grow and flourish.

First, you want to make sure you're offering viewers something in which they're likely to be interested. If you're running a driving school then you may be able to benefit from advertising that plays during programming that appeals to teens. But, if you're selling commercial products that are of no use to the general public you may not have the same kind of luck. New companies often find more success when there is a special offer within their advertisements. You could promote a sale or special event within your business to help people move from the couch into your store.

If you've decided that television is the right medium for you, then it's time to get out there and make a commercial. This form of advertising is unlike putting an ad in the newspaper when you can pay a little extra to have them put the ad together for you. Broadcasters sell commercial slots and it is your job to create the material to fill them. Whether you're advertising for services or products, you want to make sure that advertising effectively portrays your business. You need to decide if you are able to create a commercial of your own or if you will need to hire outside help.

No matter if you're hiring out to a local videographer or produce the commercial in house, you're going to want to map out exactly what you want to say and show within your commercial. Commercial spots are usually fifteen to thirty seconds in length so you need to be efficient when delivering information. You will want to include your offered services as well as a way to contact your company. For this type of ad you may not need to do much glitzing of the material.

If you're selling something where there is a lot of competition, you are going to need to find a way to set you and your ad apart. This is where hiring a marketing firm can really help you. How is your business different from all of the others? Why should customers choose to call your number? Much of television advertising is about grabbing the viewer's attention.

It's important to ensure that your TV ad projects the right image. It's great to have a really fun ad that gets a lot of laughs, but it's easy to have this type of ad backfire and detract from your image. Just have a look at the proliferation of youtube video collections of bad commercials - people love to make fun of others' mistakes, and this kind of reaction can be catastrophic for your business. While many say there's no such thing as bad publicity, it's not entirely true. Having your "bad ad" go viral may well generate new awareness of your product or service, but if you're a professional (a lawyer or a dentist, for example), you need to maintain a certain standard. TV ads represent a big investment, so invest wisely.

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