With Toronto being the Entertainment Capital of Canada it is likely no surprise that there are many television stations within the city. There are national channels like CBC and CTV who have a major presence within the city and their own news programs, and stations like OMNI, who broadcast in a variety of languages. If you are currently living in Toronto and want the latest entertainment stories, there are local channels for you, as there are for those coming home from a long day of work. Here are some of the top stations that you will find throughout Toronto.

The largest stations that operate out of Toronto are networks stations CBC and CTV. CBC has been known over the years as offering more Canadian programs and sports games, while CTV is a great source for those that are looking for a mix of original Canadian and American programs. If you are living in Toronto and want to watch the hockey game, you will likely find it on CBC. If you're more in the mood for Lost or Canadian Idol, you will find that on CTV. Each channel also has morning, noon, evening, and nightly news programs broadcasting right from Toronto that cover national and international news but focus on the news that impacts local residents, often bringing in experts to add depth to a story. As an example, mortgage and finance experts (find examples here) to contribute their commentary on the impact of various news items on the local markets.

Toronto is also the home base for many other channels that deal more closely with Toronto news stories but still offer a variety of programming. CityTV is owned by Rogers Digital Media, the same parent company that owns CTV, but offers a whole different set of shows. You can start your day with Breakfast Television, which highlights many aspects of life in the city, or could enjoy shows like the Biggest Loser or Parenthood. CP24 offers constant news and weather for the Greater Toronto Area, while the various OMNI channels have shows and news in Italian, Arabic, and Cantonese.

There are also many specialty stations with their home in Toronto. The Food Network may be remodeling a restaurant near you or you could visit a live taping at MuchMusic or MTV Canada of your favourite band. The Comedy Network, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and TVOntario are also all located within the city. You might be interested in a program about a young couple looking for a new house or could snuggle in for an old movie on a Saturday night with one of these channels.

There are also a couple of channels operating out of Toronto for native French speakers. TFO has a wide variety of French programs and English shows with French translations, while TVA Canoe is an educational French channel for children. There is also a station devoted to Aboriginal culture called APTN.

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